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Play Armada MyStake

Armada MyStake game boat

170% up to $1000 bonus for playing at Armada MyStake for your first deposit at this casino!

Find the hidden ships on the battlefield!


Target a square on the battlefield.


If a red cross appears, try elsewhere.


If this symbol appears, you’ve hit a ship. It’s up to you to make it sink!

Armada MyStake Casino Game Rules

Objective of the MyStake naval battle

The 10×10 grid is presented to you. As in the naval battle your goal will be to find the opposing boats. You have 5 bombs for this. If the cross is red, then your cannon shot falls into the water. If your symbol changes from green to yellow, you have hit a ship. It is up to you to sink it by finding its position.

The starting bet will be from 0.20 cents to 1000€. The maximum profit is 10 000€.

Armada Mystake Casino Settings

This online casino game is one of the most complete games, even if it is has no parameters that can be changed by the player. However, there are several things to know. First of all you can find up to 8 ships: 4 of 1 square, 3 of 2 squares, 2 of 3 squares and one of 4 squares. The bigger the ship, the more money you will make. Like many MyStake mini-games such as Yeti game the RTP is 99%.

You have 5 starting bombs, if you hit a ship you get a hit back. If you fall short, you lose a shot. You can like many MyStake mini-games, cashout at any time.

In addition, there are two additional box styles:

Armada Bomb

3 bomb cells are hidden on the field. In this case, the player gets between 2, 3 and 9 bombs at your starting 5.

Armada Mines

There are 7 boxes like these. They are equivalent to mines in a deminer’s game. It’s simple, if you fall on it, you lose the game.

Armada MyStake Casino: Tips

Martingale Armada

The martingale on MyStake Battleship is a bit more complex than on other games like the dino game. To simplify it, the easiest way is to keep looking for ships until your starting bet is multiplied by 2. Until it is, keep looking for boats.

If you don’t reach x2 for any reason, double your starting bet until you do.

Armada martingale

Armada game without risk

Risk-free armada

To take the least risk in playing Armada, you must stop as soon as a ship is found, regardless of its size. Thus, as soon as any winnings are earned, you must withdraw. Each withdrawal then gives you a safer but smaller payout.

Armada: Jackpot

To win the jackpot at the Armada, you have to keep playing until you run out of bombs. The goal is to find all the boats (8). Finding all 8 boats will give you the maximum payout for your starting bet.

Armada Jackpot

Play online for free at Armada

MyStake is an online casino, so it does not allow you to play without money. However, two options exist. We review them here:

– MyStake casino regularly offers free betting promotions & bonuses. or free spins. You will need to deposit money for this. But this money will give you access to free spins. So you can increase the starting amount to try to win as much as possible. These promotions may be subject to conditions. They are valid for a part of the mini games section or for the whole section. For example, it can be valid only on the chicken game. These wagers may also be subject to withdrawal conditions. Don’t hesitate to check it when you use it. Here the money will remain real, but part of it will be free spins.

– Play on an online demo with to fine-tune your strategy. This will allow you to play online and without money. Of course, the money earned will not be real either. This can help you to get a first experience by going through all the features of the game.

Start playing at MyStake Casino

To register at online casinos, you need a mobile or computer and an internet connection. Go to the MyStake website and click on the “Register” button. Once you have completed the information, make your first deposit. This deposit can be made in crypto or by card. Each withdrawal will be made by the same means of payment used to deposit the money whenever possible. Once the real money is deposited on the site, all games will be available to you. If you want to play Armada, go to the mini games section. You will find in this section the famous chicken game but also Armada and many others.

Which bonus to play at the casino?

Among the online casinos, MyStake Casino is the one that offers the most different bonuses. This is due to the diversity of what the casino offers (casino, live casino, mini games, sports betting…). When reviewing all the bonuses on the platform, you have several options. Indeed, if you are a new player, a welcome bonus on the mini games will be ideal. For a first deposit, you will be able to play with double the amount of your deposit. Please note that withdrawal conditions apply. Depending on the time of year, you may need to make a crypto deposit rather than a card deposit to get one of the best bonuses. Older players will be able to take advantage of either second deposit bonuses or free spins that will allow them to play games for free. These bonuses are designed to maximize your first winnings by starting with a higher starting amount.

Risks and dependency

Beware that playing casino and online gambling is risky. These risks are mainly dependency and debt. In case of addiction, debt or problems related to casinos or gambling, call the appropriate service. Call players info service: 0974751313, number available from any mobile. Anonymous and not surcharged call.

Notice of the game Armada MyStake

Victory Armada

New experience with Armada, which is a fun game, reminiscent of the naval battle. It is part of the MyStake family of online mini-games like the dino game or the chicken game. The possibilities are a little bit better than other MyStake mini-games, which makes it a game with varied games.

Its RTP of 99% is one of the highest, as are many of the mini-games. If we compare this RTP to other games and especially to online slots it is almost 15% higher with 85% for slots. The odds of winning are therefore higher than in traditional casino games.

Its elegant design makes it a pleasant and playable game on mobile. It is in the line of MyStake games where the players’ opinion is almost always positive. Right now you can enjoy a welcome bonus on the following mini-games

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